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Final Fight For You: Demo Edition



10 years ago, a young man and his wife came to a new land. They have been working hard, trying hard, for a simple and small dream: Bringing family happiness, and honour. Unluckily, they encountered disasters and failures again and again in this several difficult years. The man lost too many things but the love. Time is going so fast, the man is not young anymore. And his wife, has sacrificed everything which a woman can do, just for him. She is still beautiful, but white hair and winkles come silently. For his beloved, the dream, hope and faith, the man made this original song...

Final Fight For You

When I lost everything only you stood by me
When I was starving only you shared the sole cookie
When I was shaking in the storm only you held me tight
For your deepest love in the world I will make the final fight

Final fight fight fight
Hand out my heart I won't ask why
Final fight for you
No matter how hard I never mind
Final fight fight fight
It's my honour to sacrifice my life
Final fight for you
Before I die I just want to see your smile

This is a very early stage Demo edition only, one of new songs in 2011 of TYZU band.

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