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Go With Loneliness (Demo with lyrics)



20 years ago. A young man abandoned everything, left his small hometown going to a Metropolis in the South. He was trying to do some venture business, and the most important thing is: he wanted to convince his girlfriend that he could make his dreams come true, if only he would work hard and think smartly. 3 years later, his dream was still a dream only. But, in his most difficult time, his girlfriend left her well-respected position and parents, traveled thousands of kilometers, to marry him, a poor guy even could not afford a formal wedding.

Now, this guy is an old man, and his wife is not young any more. Their life is still tough, but fortunately, until today, they are happy and loving deeply each other.

10 years ago, this old man met another young man, heard his story. The young man immigrated to Canada, could not find a job in Vancouver and hardly could afford the expensive living in this city. He told his girlfriend: “Would you mind waiting for me one more year, before we marry? I have something to do.” He went to the North, Whitehorse, a town far away, close to the Arctic Circle. After 1 year's hard working in a restaurant, he pinched and saved 20 thousand dollars and came back to Vancouver. A happy result, he married the girl, waiting for him really for a long time.

While the old man told this young man's story to his wife, she said: “Very touching, a real man! But he is not the first one. You did the same thing a long time ago, while you were young, remember?” Actually, the old man totally forgot that thing he had done 20 years ago, until his wife reminded him.

That night, he wrote down this song.

Go With Loneliness

By blue river
I left her
Go with loneliness
Being a dream chaser

I promised her
Bringing back honour
Like two happy birds
Flying together forever

For my dream I swam across oceans
For her love I climbed over mountains
For the promise I ran through entire hell
For freedom I fought evil demons

Win or lose I must return
Taking care of her is my whole life mission
No matter how far I must return
Doting on her is my whole life mission

This lovesong is a very early stage Demo edition only, one of original new pop soft rock songs of TYZU band (still seeking publisher, singer, producer and agency) in 2011.

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