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Brain Teasers, Humor Puzzles, IQ Tests, Mind Tricks

#1 While Christopher Columbus put his first foot on the new continent, what did he do the next step?

#2 Who is the king of all animals in a zoo?

#3 When will the sun rise from the West?

#4 Every morning, what is the first thing people will do?

#5 Which thing can be increased 50% while it is turned upside down?

#6 While a car is turning to the left, which tire will not roll?

#7 One thing, you can make it, I can make it, everybody can make it; one people can make it, but two people can not make it together. What is that?

#8 While an ambitious water-business boss is looking at a river, what will he think?

#9 There is a person in the world, who works one day only each a year, but never worries to be fired. Who is that?

#10 Why is "Conscience" the most abundant thing in the world?



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