AceLight Trading Strategy Verification Report

Note: The percentage in parentheses represents the Annual ROI (Return on Investment), which denotes the theoretically best backtesting results during a certain historical period (10~13 years). FYI, the S&P 500 Index average Annual Growth Rate is approximately 7%, while Warren Buffet's average Annual ROI is around 18~19%.

"Golden Cross & Death Cross" Strategy for:
AAPL (18%) TSLA (48%) UNH (20%) PG (16%) DIS (20%)
META (22%)        

"Hammer & Shooting Star" Strategy for:
MSFT (13%) BRK-B (8%)      

"MACD" Strategy for:
NVDA (26%) JNJ (16%) XOM (16%) BAC (23%) AMD (28%)

"RSI" Strategy for:
GOOG (15%) TSM (14%) JPM (14%) MRK (17%) BA (13%)

"White Soldiers & Black Crows" Strategy for:
TSLA (39%) V (17%) WMT (13%) IBM (15%) MKTX (16%)

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