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Picture Styles & Effects

Welcome to try out TYZU "Turn Picture into Digital Stylish Effect Image" art. Please note:

1. The result is depended on your photo’s quality. If the original is not clear and big enough, the final work will be blurry. The figure's face should be 300 x 300 pixels at least.
2. We will deliver the image only as JPG or PNG file (2000~3000 pixels and 300 Pixels Per Inch). The image is created by computer, based on CG & AI techniques, not hand-made. No physical item delivery.
3. One order means for 1 figure and 1 style only. You can have multiple figures at once, but it will cost extra money, US$9 each.
4. Changing Facial Expression is an extra job, and no guaranteed for success. If you want a happy or angry face, it will cost double.
5. Satisfaction or 100% Money Back. If you are not happy with the artwork, we will refund.
6. Do NOT send us any photos which you don't own them.
7. All your original pictures will be deleted after 3 days.
8. We reserve the right to refuse service to any inappropriate content.

Click thumbnails below to see full size image details


Style 2: Classic Oil Painting

Style 7: Cartoon Drawing

Style 16: Colour Pencil Drawing

Style 22: Impressionism Oil Painting

Style 23: Line Illustraion Drawing

Style 3: Soft Realistic Oil Painting

Style 19: Impasto Oil Painting

Style 4: Watercolor Painting

Style 1: Thick Oil Impasto

Style 6: Palette Knife Impasto

Style 16: Colour Pencil

Style 2: Sharp Realistic

Style 9: Mosaic

Style 10: The Starry Night

Style 13: Impressionism

Style 3: Soft Realistic

Style 7: Cartoon

Style 12: van Gogh Technique

Style 14: Thick Oil Colour Face

Style 15: Chinese Gongbi

Style 18: Abstract Colour Face

Style 5: Pixel Art

Style 4: Watercolour

Style 23: Illustration





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