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TYZU™ Cartoon Characters Licensing


TYZU Cartoon Characters licensing business can provide many important functions to licensees, such as:

1, Gaining the consumer awareness and marketing benefit.
2, Moving into new distribution channels.
3, Reducing advertising and marketing costs.
4, Enhancing authenticity and credibility. etc.

If you are a manufacturer, do you want your products getting more sales? If you are providing some kind of service, do you want more contracts? If you are an advertising agency or commercial producer, do you want more advertising projects from advertisers?

No doubt! But you need some methods and tools to realize that. Cartoon Character is one of the best ways to promote products and services. Think about those famous mice, ducks and kitties...

But people always like new face! A smart licensee chooses a character for its look, not its fame! As a good product manufacturer, service provider, advertising agency, or commercial producer, you have to keep digging up more attractive cartoon characters for customers.

Don't need searching any more, you are in the right place now. There are a group of cute cartoon characters in TYZU Wonder Jungle for licensing. These lovely characters can help licensee companies to sell products very well. They are all good for planting into most kind of products, services and commercials. Comparing with top cartoon characters in the world, you will find TYZU™ characters are more beautiful, healthy, vivid, sunny, funny, humour and good for multiple age levels. We will help you to win more sales, projects and contracts, and keep your budget low.

In short, our best cartoon characters will help your business being better and better! Please feel free to contact:

Licensing agency is welcome! Please prepare a business plan, send it to:

TYZU™ can help your business

TYZU Cartoon Characters are suitable for many products, such as: backpacks, bags, handbags, travel packages, sports bags, luggage, baggage boxes, foods, drinks, beverages, candies, gloves, mugs, cups, hardware, dishes, tableware, dishware, caps, hats, headwear, headgears, socks, stockings, hoses, towels, washcloths, washrags, blankets, bed sheets, bedspreads, pillows, bed covers, pillow covers, T-shirts, shorts, shirts, cloths, clothing, dresses, skirts, pants, apparels, wearing, trousers, jackets, hoodies, ties, aprons, sports wears, shoes, boots, foot wears, sandals, slipper, sports footwear, school products, juvenile merchandise, giftware, textiles, stationery, sporting goods, publishing, multimedia, plushes and toys etc..



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