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Joint Venture Partnership

Character (Entertainment, TV, Movie, Cartoon), estimated Licensing Revenue in 2010 is 5,065 million, in short, it is a worldwide big business. Currently, we are looking for business partners who bring enthusiasm, drive and especially strong MARKETING skills and LICENSING experiences to build a serious business. We don't need words/consultations/plans/loans, we just need Join-and-Act. If you are interested at TYZU™ cartoon characters (a group of new rising stars) and love to join our venture, please contact us.

THIS IS A JOINT VENTURE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, NOT A JOB OFFERING. We are looking for Joint Venture business partners, not employees. Business compensation to be discussed upon granted interview only, high bonus!

We need business partners with:
1, 1+ years experience in copyright or character licensing business;
2, 3+ years experience of marketing, sales or promotions;
3, Excellent communication ability, tolerance and patience;
4, Understanding in cartoon area;
5, Nice and friendly personality, people person (very important);
6, Self-starter, ambitious, great work ethic, enthusiastic, optimistic and organized;
7, 18+ years old;
8, Fluency in English, excellent writing skills.

Business partner's duties:
1, Seeking licensees, for example, toy, clothing, food, beverage, etc. manufacturers, commercial advertising companies, Entertainment, TV, Movie, book publishers etc.;
2, Negotiating licensing contacts;
3, General marketing and promotions.

If you are good at marketing, sales, or licensing, and you are a good team player, or you are a venture capital investor seeking early stage venture project, don't lose this chance!



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